maggie_writes (maggie_writes) wrote,

I got a new job!

I got a new job writing for a very popular celebrity blog (I can't tell you which one. It's not that I'd have to kill you if I did; it's just that I might be the one getting killed). 

ANYWAY, I'm super psyched! Today was my first day, and I'm so grateful that I'm going to be writing every single day (I wrote in my last job as well, but it was more of a technical type of writing, although I did learn a lot and am grateful for it), and getting paid! 

I joked to my friend that sometimes it seems like I was born to write about celebrities. I love low-brow stuff! I love gossip and scandal and pictures of celebrities walking around with giant sunglasses on their faces. (I also love high-brow stuff, but that's a different post). 

I also finally figured out how to fix this short story I'd been sort of struggling with for the last few months. I scrapped the entire first draft and started anew. Just yesterday alone I wrote almost 1,600 new words (1,598 to be exact). It's weird because even though writing can be stressful sometimes, it also somehow manages to calm me down. It's both stressful and soothing at the same time, and that's probably why I love it so much.


Tags: new job, writing
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