maggie_writes (maggie_writes) wrote,

I am the slowest writer in the world

August 2009 -- I began working on my WIP Tainted Frost (though it didn't have a title yet)
March 2010 -- Finished the first draft; hated it and started rewriting the whole thing from scratch.
August 2011 -- Finished the second draft; began working on third draft.
Present day -- Still working on third draft. It's been over a year now. 

The hilarious thing is that I expected to give my third draft to beta readers last year because I thought I would only have a few things to tweak and change. But once I started the tweaking, I made so many changes that I'm still about five chapters away from finishing the third draft. And I bet that when I'm "done" I still won't be done-done, because there will be new ideas I want to add and dialogue to tweak and blah blah blah just shoot me already.

Will I ever be finished?

One good and sort of weird thing is that I'm still not sick of my novel. But, still! I wish I was a bit faster. I feel like any other writer could've written three books in the time that it's taking me to write this one. How do they do that? I can't even begin to imagine.

To be honest, I don't write every single day, but I write most days. However, even on those days I might only get a few hundred words down. Most of my writing time is spent staring off into space and thinking, which may or may not result in one sentence that I actually want to keep. Then the next day I wake up and have new ideas and want to completely change the last scene I wrote. Gah.

You'd think that after spending all this time on my WIP that it's perfectly polished and awesome and masterful, but it's not! It's probably still kind of mediocre. That's the one thing that bothers me most, because I wonder if I'm even improving. The whole situation is giving me so much angst that I decided not to think about publication as an end-goal anymore and to just write because I enjoy it. 

My new deadline (and I've had like 10 deadlines already this year) is to finish the third draft by the end of the year. Fingers crossed, but don't be surprised if I write another entry like this one in January. 
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