maggie_writes (maggie_writes) wrote,

More on dreaming big

Happy New Year, everyone! May this year be full of joy, love, health and lots and lots of writing!

Tags: inspiration

  • The fear of sucking is back

    I haven't really worked on my novel in a few weeks. It feels like I haven't worked on it in years. I wrote a few sentences today, but I feel…

  • I got a new job!

    I got a new job writing for a very popular celebrity blog (I can't tell you which one. It's not that I'd have to kill you if I did;…

  • I am the slowest writer in the world

    August 2009 -- I began working on my WIP Tainted Frost (though it didn't have a title yet) March 2010 -- Finished the first draft; hated it and…

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