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So, I finally got a real job

That is in an actual office. And I have to clock in and clock out. Even when I go out to lunch! And I have co-workers! 

This is obviously the norm for most people, but for the past two years, I had been working almost exclusively from home, freelancing and tutoring. It's definitely a change to be going into an office every day before the crack of dawn. Like, literally before the crack of dawn because I have to get up at 6AM to get there on time. It is dark and cold as I stumble out of bed and attempt to brush my teeth every morning. I also hate my life very much during those first several minutes. But then when I get to work (as a product describer/blogger for a fashion website), I forget all of that because my co-workers are awesome, and aspiring novelists/screenwriters like me, and we never run out of things to talk about. 

I think I can get used to this 9-to-5 gig (actually 7-to-3, but it doesn't have quite as nice a ring to it), but I don't want to jinx myself. I've only been going to work for two days, and I'm already exhausted. 

Look, ma, I'm in the real world! Ha, just kidding, I freaking hate that expression.