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Stick a fork in me

 I finished the second draft of my WIP, TAINTED FROST, yesterday at around 1 a.m. *dance dance dance*

I didn't know I would finish it yesterday, but then I wrote one of the final scenes and got this weird feeling in my belly that there was really nothing more to write (for this draft, obviously), and that I was officially DONE. And then I smiled and felt accomplished before freaking out that I still had A LOT of work to do on the third draft. But, for a moment, I was relieved and happy, and now I can't wait to really dive in and start revising.

I'm scared, but I'm ready. Yay!


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Jul. 12th, 2011 03:21 am (UTC)
Congratulations on ending the second draft! You can do the third draft! You're moving quickly!
Jul. 12th, 2011 08:49 am (UTC)
Thanks! I can't wait to start on the third draft. I want to give myself a week before I do, but I don't know if I can wait that long.
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