maggie_writes (maggie_writes) wrote,

What am I doing?

 I started working on the third draft of my work-in-progress, TAINTED FROST, even though I'm still not completely done with the second draft. I really want to finish the second draft no matter how crappy it is before I start on the third one. Maybe writing this blog post and telling the world about my failures will embarrass me into actually doing it. Sigh.

It's taking so long, and I wish I could write faster, but I think I will have to accept the fact that I will never be a fast writer. On the bright side, I do manage to write a little bit every day even if it's only 100 words or so. 

By the way, I am rewriting my first chapter AGAIN for the millionth time. I think I have rewritten it about 10 or more times already. What if I'm never happy with it? Then again, I still don't want to give up on this story.

I feel so lost. Sad face. 
Tags: project: revise first draft, tainted frost
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