February 25th, 2025




My name is Margarita (oh, the jokes I heard in middle school), but you can call me Maggie. I love writing, and I guess I've been writing most of my life. I remember being really little and recording stories into a tape recorder. That's how obsessed I was!

I have an English degree from UCLA, and I've written for a bunch of magazines and websites. You can find almost all of my articles here: margaritawriter.wordpress.com. Note how I said almost, because I've written a bunch of articles under a pen name. Which shall remain a secret. *smirk*

I'm currently a freelance writer and private tutor who is working on several YA novels, including an urban fantasy and two contemporaries. I hope to be published by the time I'm thirty, and I can really hear that clock ticking! Seriously, I'm sitting next to a clock right now, and it is LOUD. 

Anywho, this is my blog where I will talk about my journey on the dark and lonely (kidding! Or am I?) road to publication. I love to meet and talk to other aspiring writers so feel free to friend me or send me a private message. 

Happy writing!